My Latest Postcard Review

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Let’s unravel the enemy’s plans! arrived from a Postcrosser who lives in Russia after 103 days of travel covering a distance of 5,390 miles / 8,674 kilometers. This military pin-up style of postcard from Russia portrays a female soldier reading a telegraphy with one arm of her glasses in her mouth, while seated on a chair by a desk with a teletype, map, pencil, phone and chocolate bar at her disposal.

Pin-up style postcards were popular among many of the countries who fought in World War II and reproductions are big on the market today. I’m just beginning to research more about this style of card and will enjoy learning more about them as time progresses. If you have cards you would like to share that are vintage and not reproduction please let me know. I’m also interested in learning about the history behind these cards (entertainment, propaganda, other.) Also, how about the use of art in the design of these cards?

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