My Latest Postcard Review

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Drawing of bicycle with basket on front with flowers. Postcard logo states “oh happy day” arrived from a Postcrosser who lives in Germany after 13 days of travel covering a distance of 4,750 miles / 7,644 kilometers. Don’t worry, be happy!

Another reminder to be HAPPY from a fellow Postcrosser, Hannah, from Bad Bentheim, Germany.

The postcard itself, is presented in the most simple form, a postcard with a white background and a free form drawing, in black ink, of a bicycle with a basket on the front holding flowers. The logo, “oh happy day” reminds one to be happy and put a smile upon my face. While simplistic, it gives great vibes and a smile!

Hannah sent “good mood” wishes and let me know that her town has a castle! Bentheim Castle a medieval hill castle, was known in the 11th century as binithem. Built of sandstone on a hill in what appears to be an otherwise flat landscape, the castle allowed for a strategic location for protection of the community. Definitely a place I’d like to visit one day.

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