My Latest Postcard Review

This entry was submitted 2 months ago.

You are a true friend! Postcard with color drawing of a bear in checkered coat with red cuffs shaking the hand of a cat on a dirt trail leading to a castle in the background arrived from a pen pal who lives in The Netherlands after 17 days of travel covering a distance of 4,739 miles / 7,627 kilometers. An exciting postcard from my newest pen pal Luus from The Netherlands.

Friendships from around the world are amazing! Postcrossing and IG allow me to meet and interact with individuals I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to. During our yet brief friendship I have been able to introduce Luus to Postcrossing and it appears she has become as addicted to it as I have.

Regardless of where one is from, the color of their skin, their religion, financial status, etc., the majority of us all have the same desires in life. To be free. To be respected. To be cared about. To have equal opportunity. To be respected for who we are.

Be kind to one another, we are more ALIKE than we are different.

Cheers to you Luus and our friendship. May it last a lifetime.

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