In addition to Postcrossing, I participate in private letter (pen pal) exchanges to learn more about the diverse world in which we live.  I enjoy learning about other countries, culture, religion, and the hopes, dreams and day-to-day lives of those I correspond with.

My current Pen pal Statistics

  • 32 pen pals from 13 countries and 9 US states
  • 2 pen pals have been exchanging letters with me since October 2011
  • depending on the country, some letters take 2-3 months to arrive in your mailbox

Over the years I have lost many pen pals for various reasons.

  • life changes
  • illness
  • overwhelmed with work or school
  • however, most stop writing or never respond to my first letter

As you have most likely figured out, being a pen pal takes time and effort, so keep that in mind before diving in.  To be honest, 32 pen pals is perhaps a few to many and I’ve stopped taking on new pen pal exchanges for the time being. 

Based on my experiences and taking into consideration mail travel time, my average pen pal and I exchange 2 – 6 letters per year.  There are some who exchange more often, but  2 – 6 exchanges, per year, are the most typical scenarios for me.

So what are are you waiting for?  Find yourself a pen pal and start writing your own journey!