Welcome to Random Postcards!

On this digital medium I’ll be sharing my snail-mail travels through postcards. I receive postcards from participants of the postcard exchange platform Postcrossing and from pen pals I have exchanged letters with over the years.  

This hobby has allowed me to not only send and receive postcards, but has also helped me become a better writer, further my knowledge on various countries, cultures, history, beliefs and dreams while at the same time developing friendships with those I might not have ever met through my “non-digital” life.

Now, pick up a pen, postcard and begin writing your own adventure and remember, There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” ~ William Butler Yeats

My Latest Postcard Review

This entry was submitted 9 months ago.

Tillamook Dairy – Cutting Cheese arrived from a Postcrosser who lives in USA after 14 days covering a distance of 1,369 miles / 2,203 kilometers.

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